Tuesday, May 3, 2011

GHOSTS HUNTER :the truth


The mayas cracked open like and egg and this is what came out.

whenever I do animation in maya, something weird happens and I end up making some whacked out version of what I was originally working on. Maya is such a scary place.

Im working on a red cat thing, and a dario-dressed-as-a-porcupine thing

The fire is from the Red Cat thing. Which is a project for Fran's class (not france class) with a red cat and a backpack, a knife and a morgue. messing around with these BOSS computers while I still have them


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  2. The Mayas are terrifying, but you seem to have extracted nice things from it nonetheless.
    And that fire is hypnotizing!

  3. what could stephen have said?!

    thanks charlotee. I am so afraid of the mayas